ECTC Giving Day set for April 25 | ECTC

ECTC Giving Day set for April 25

Published on Mar 27, 2024

ECTC Giving Day

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural ECTC Giving Day on April 25 during Community College Month. The event will support student needs such as scholarships, transportation assistance and the Student Emergency Fund, among others.

“Many of our students need a little extra support to complete their studies, whether that takes the form of gas cards, help with rent, or even assistance purchasing a cap and gown to wear at graduation,” said Chief Institutional Advancement Officer and ECTC Foundation Executive Director Dr. Megan Stith. “We’re excited to help these students who work so hard to build better lives for themselves and their families.”

ECTC celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, and so hopes to have at least 60 donors give $60 to mark the occasion, Stith said.

Brandon Fogle, South Central Bank President, ECTC Foundation Board Chair, and KCTCS Foundation member, said South Central Bank will provide a gift match of $3,600 once ECTC reaches the goal of 60 individual donors giving at least $60.

“Seeing the impact of ECTC across the region and state, we at South Central Bank feel it’s important to encourage the community to come together to support the college.” Fogle said. “ECTC Giving Day is the perfect opportunity to see this happen.”

ECTC joins KCTCS and the other 15 colleges in this 24-hour fundraiser. To participate in ECTC Giving Day and make a meaningful impact on students and the community, visit and select a gift designation. Early giving is already open.

“This campaign hub is not only a way to support existing initiatives, but it also allows us to expand the services we offer and address unmet needs with the community’s help,” Stith said. “We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish.”

For more information, contact Dr. Megan Stith at 270-706-8721 or