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Weather Alerts

weather Closing notifications

All current students, faculty and staff will receive notification of changes, closings and delays through the SNAP Alert System. Notices also will be posted on ECTC's facebook page at www.facebook/ElizabethtownCTC and on the ECTC website homepage. 

Get SNAP alerts

SNAP alerts are available to all ECTC students, faculty, staff and members of the community. Sign up for SNAP alerts. If your contact information changes, learn more about updating your SNAP preferences

ECTC Virtual Learning Day

Should Elizabethtown Community & Technical College make a decision that campus cannot open, the college will call for a Virtual Learning Day. When an ECTC Virtual Learning Day is declared, instruction and services will continue (to the extent possible) for students, but will only be available in a virtual environment.  Students who are enrolled in online courses will continue their normal routine. Faculty and Staff will still be available for students through virtual means. Faculty will provide direction to each of their classes on what to do for the day.

The call for an ECTC Virtual Learning Day will be communicated to the community through social media, the ECTC website, Snap, Blackboard etc.

Virtual Learning Day FAQs

  • What if I am scheduled for a clinical or practicum on a Virtual Learning Day?
    You should follow the direction of your teachers on these days. Look for communication via Blackboard or email.

  • What if I have an appointment with the Assessment Center on a Virtual Learning Day?
    No testing will occur. Please reschedule using the same method used to originally schedule the exam.

  • What if I have a meeting or event scheduled on campus?
    Campus will be closed to public access, so events or meetings planned to be held in ECTC facilities will need to be rescheduled. Please reach out to your ECTC point of contact or call our Facilities Office at 270-706-8739 to make alternative arrangements.

  • How do I find contact information for faculty and staff?
    Find contact information for ECTC faculty and staff in the directory.

ECTC Severe Inclement Weather - Emergency Close (EMC)

In the event of severe weather, which could cause widespread power outages or other catastrophic events, ECTC will be closed and all classes and work will be cancelled for that day. 

The call for an ECTC Emergency Close day will be communicated to the community through social media, the ECTC website, Snap, Blackboard etc.

If you ever need assistance while we are closed, the GO KCTCS! STUDENT SERVICE CENTER will be available to chat with you on their webpage, or you can call them at (855) 7GO-ECTC/(855) 746-3282.