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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Requirements

Federal regulations require students who receive financial aid under Title IV programs to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) regardless of whether financial aid is awarded each semester. SAP is measured at the end of each semester/term for all students based on the following standards.

  • Qualitative Standard: Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Quantitative Standard: Successfully complete at least 67% (two-thirds) of all credit hours attempted
  • Maximum Time Frame (MTF): Students are expected to complete their degree/diploma/certificate in their chosen program of study within a maximum time frame defined as 150% of the number of credits required to graduate from that program (all classes required to graduate plus an additional 50%). Federal regulations require that students be evaluated for Pace Progression to determine whether they are on track to receive their credential before aid is lost due to exceeding MTF. Note that transfer credits also count toward MTF.

Students can monitor their current SAP status through Student Self-Service by choosing View Financial Aid and clicking on the current award year. Students should then see the Satisfactory Academic Progress link, which will list current SAP status. Students who end the semester on a Warning or Suspended status will also be notified of their current SAP standing via KCTCS email at the end of the term.

SAP Warning: Students who do not meet the Qualitative or Quantitative Standard for the first time will be placed on SAP Warning. The student will remain eligible for financial aid funds.

SAP Suspense: Students who fail to meet the Qualitative or Quantitative Standard at the end of the warning period will be placed on SAP Suspense and are not eligible to receive additional Title IV financial aid. Students who exceed MTF are placed on SAP Suspense immediately upon exceeding 150% of required credits without a warning status. 

Financial Aid Appeal Process

Students who believe they have or had extenuating circumstances that prohibited them from making the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards may appeal to a committee appointed by the home campus to review such requests. Students requesting their circumstances be reviewed for special consideration should follow instructions, below.

Instructions for submitting an Appeal Request

Include ALL of the following items (Steps 1-2) in your appeal. Incomplete appeals will not be considered. Submit the COMPLETE Appeal ONLINE through your Student Self-Service Center.

Step 1 - Personal Statement: submit a detailed appeal explaining the basis of your appeal request describing the following:

  • The circumstance(s) that led to poor grades, multiple withdrawals, or incompletes (i.e., death of a relative, an injury or personal illness, or other special circumstances).
  • How you plan to improve your academic standing.
  • Note: The statement must address both the circumstance(s) and a plan for improvement.

Step 2 - Supporting Documentation of Circumstances: submit documentation to the financial aid office to support your appeal for the semester(s) in question.

Acceptable documentation includes:

Reason Acceptable Documentation
Illness/Injury Detailed letter, on letterhead, from physician explaining dates and types of illness or injuries, recommended treatment, dates of non-attendance, prognosis, etc.
Death of Family Member Death Certificate, obituary notice
Legal Issue Divorce decree, separation agreement, police report detailing incident, date and those involved
Job Conflict Letter from supervisor, on letterhead, stating scheduling problems, etc.
Disability Letter from Special Populations Coordinator addressing problems that arose during the term in question and the resolution for future terms or medical documentation from other outside sources, letter from a doctor, etc.
Maximum Time Frame Letter stating why you have not yet earned a degree.
Other Any other documentation that will support your appeal (i.e., a letter from faculty, or third-party source).

Where to submit documentation for an Appeal

To appeal, students may complete a SAP Appeal Form available online in the Tasks tile in Student Self-Service and also provide any additional information/documents required by submitting through the SAP appeal on OnBase.

Approved Appeal

If your appeal is approved by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee, you will be placed on financial aid probation with an academic plan of action.

The Financial Aid Office will continue to monitor your academic progress to ensure you are meeting the conditions of your probationary status. If you fail to meet the conditions of your plan of action, your eligibility will once again be suspended.

The SAP Appeal Committee may approve your appeal with certain academic progress conditions or limit future hours. If approved, you will receive a plan of action or enter into a plan of action specifying academic requirements necessary to remain eligible to receive financial aid for the remainder of the enrollment or until SAP standards are achieved.

Denied Appeal

If your appeal is denied, you will be responsible for expenses incurred at the college without benefit of financial aid. You may, if eligible, use Veteran or Military Education Benefits, or other third-party funding, as well as make payment(s) online or at the business office on campus.

Other Important Information

Notifications of Appeals Committee Decision

Students will be notified by their student KCTCS email of the committee's decision within 3 to 5 business days of the committee meeting. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.

  • Only complete appeals will be reviewed, documentation is required.
  • The SAP Appeals Committee may request additional information.
  • Financial Aid will not pay for courses taken by audit, credit hours earned by placement tests or non-degree courses.
  • Transfer credit hours count in the attempted/completed SAP hours as recorded by Admissions and Records.

NOTE: Students are responsible for all expenses such as tuition, fees, books, and supplies pending the decision of the SAP Appeals Committee and must contact the Business Affairs Office to make payment arrangements with the institution. Decisions made by the SAP Appeals Committee are final and are not subject to further appeal.

Additional SAP information from KCTCS is available online at Satisfactory Academic Progress. 


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