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The Lunch Box

The ECTC Lunch Box will be working differently this year due to COVID-19 and the focus has moved from on-campus lunch items to groceries students can prepare at home.

For the 2021-22 academic year, there are two ways low-income students can receive food:


The “Lunch Box” will not be open as a place to prepare food but students can pick up pre-packaged bags of groceries to take home—these will be non-perishable groceries unless the Lunch Box has sent out an announcement stating otherwise.  

Where: The Lunch Box (122 JSO)

Please do not enter the Lunch Box. It is a small space and social distancing cannot be maintained inside with more than one person. A volunteer will be on hand to distribute food packages. 

When: Monday/Wednesday 10am-12pm; Tuesday/Thursday 1pm-3pm. 


Low Income ECTC students receive a $15 gift card from the Lunch Box as long as supplies last. There is a limit of one card per student and students may request a card twice per semester—again, as long as supplies last. 

To receive the gift card, qualifying students can fill out a Lunch Box request form (DOCX) and submit it to

These funds have been designated for food purchases only. Requesting a gift card from the Lunch Box obligates recipients to email a copy (a cell phone photo is fine) of the receipt(s) within 2 weeks of receiving the gift card. Proof of purchase should go to with the subject line “RECEIPT.”

We are still accepting donations!

Contact with questions or to set up a donation.

Contact Information

Deena Lilygren
Associate Professor of English
Arts & Humanities Division
Office: 120JSO
Charles R. Coulston
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Elizabethtown Community & Technical College
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