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Web Programmer - Certificate

Computer and Information Technologies

Required Courses

Courses Credit Notes
CIT 120 Computational Thinking 3 Prereq: Digital lit and MAT 61
Complete two of the following three courses:
CIT 150 Internet Technologies
CIT 155 Web Page Development
CIT 157 Web Site Design and Production
6 CIT 150 Prereq: CIT 105 or CIT 120
CIT 155 and CIT 157 Prereq: CIT 105 or instructor consent
CIT 170 Database Design Fundamentals 3 Prereq: Digital lit and MAT 61
CIT 171 SQL I 3 Prereq: CIT 120
CIT 253 Data-Driven Web Pages: Topic 3 Prereq: CIT 150, 155 or 170 and Level I Programming Language
Approved Level I Programming Language* 3  
Approved Level II Programming Language** 3  

Approved Level I Web Programming Language Courses*

Courses Credit Notes
CIT 141 PHP I 3 Prereq: CIT 120
CIT 144 Python I 3 Prereq: CIT 120
CIT 148 Visual Basic I 3 Prereq: CIT 120
CIT 149 Java I 3 Prereq: CIT 120

Approved Level II Web Programming Language Courses**

Courses Credit Notes
CIT 241 PHP II 3 Prereq: CIT 141
CIT 244 Python II 3 Prereq: CIT 144
CIT 248 Visual Basic II 3 Prereq: CIT 148
CIT 249 Java II 3 Prereq: CIT 149

Students graduating with a degree or certificate in Computer and Information Technology may only use a course with a grade of "C" or higher (or a "P" for Pass/Fail courses) to fulfill a course or track graduation requirement.

The Computer and Information Technologies department does not accept non-general education course older than five years from returning or transfer students without consent from the local program coordinator.

Requirements taken from the 2022-2023 KCTCS Catalog