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Web Server Administrator - Certificate

Computer and Information Technologies

Required Courses

Courses Credit Notes
CIT 120 Computational Thinking 3 Prereq: Digital lit and MAT 61
Complete two of the following three courses:
• CIT 150 Internet Technologies
• CIT 155 Web Page Development
• CIT 157 Web Site Design and Production
6 CIT 150 Prereq: CIT 105 or CIT 120
CIT 155 and CIT 157 Prereq: CIT 105 or instructor consent
CIT 219 Internet Protocols 3 Prereq: CIT 160 or CIT 161 or CIT 162 or instructor consent
CIT 255 Web Server Administration 3 Prereq: CIT 150 or CIT 155 or CIT 157 and CIT 214 or CIT 218 and CIT 219 or instructor consent
(CIT 261 MS Active Directory Services AND
CIT 262 MS Network Infrastructure) OR
(CIT 262 MS Network Infrastructure AND
CIT 264 Microsoft Server Management) OR
(CIT 227 Introduction to UNIX/Linux Administration AND
CIT 228 Advanced UNIX/Linux Administration)
6 CIT 261, CIT 262, and CIT 227 Prereq: CIT 111 and CIT 160 or CIT 161 or instructor consent
CIT 264 Prereq: CIT 262 or instructor consent
CIT 228 Prereq: CIT 227 or instructor consent

Students graduating with a degree or certificate in Computer and Information Technology may only use a course with a grade of "C" or higher (or a "P" for Pass/Fail courses) to fulfill a course or track graduation requirement.

The Computer and Information Technologies department does not accept non-general education course older than five years from returning or transfer students without consent from the local program coordinator.

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