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Respiratory Care

Additional Respiratory Care Program Information

Program Contact

Respiratory Care Office

RPC 3rd Floor, Room 331

(270) 706-8462

Program Director

Rebecca Higdon, MS, RRT-NPS

Director of Clinical Education

Stephanie Brothers, MAE, RRT

RPC 332

(270) 706-8660


Graduation Requirements

All courses specifically state the required objectives, goals, and outcomes of each course, which will lead to all terminal objectives being met and the Program’s mission accomplished.

Program Graduation Requirements:

  • Successful completion of all clinical and program competencies.
  • Successful completion of all RCP coursework with a minimum of “C” in each course.
  • Successful completion of all required general education course work.
  • Successful completion of a NBRC TMC SAE.
  • Attendance of an exam preparation seminar.