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Respiratory Care

Additional Respiratory Care Program Information

Program Contact

Respiratory Care Office

RPC 3rd Floor, Room 331

(270) 706-8462

Program Director

Rebecca Higdon, MS, RRT-NPS

Director of Clinical Education

Stephanie Brothers, MAE, RRT

RPC 332

(270) 706-8660


Academic and Program Competencies

Program Competencies

Upon completion of the Respiratory Care Program, the student can:

  1. Communicate Effectively

    1. Read and listen with comprehension

    2. Speak and write clearly using Standard English.

    3. Interact cooperatively with others using both verbal and non-verbal means.

    4. Demonstrate information processing through basic computer skills.

  2. Think Critically

    1. Make connections in learning across the disciplines and draw logical conclusions

    2. Demonstrate problem solving through interpreting, analyzing, summarizing, and/or integrating a variety of materials.

    3. Use mathematics to organize, analyze, and synthesize data to solve a problem.

  3. Learn Independently

    1. Use appropriate search strategies and resources to find, evaluate, and use information.

    2. Make choices based upon awareness of ethics and differing perspectives/ideas.

    3. Apply learning in academic, personal and public situations.

    4. Think creatively to develop new ideas, processes, or products.

  4. Examine Relationships in Diverse and Complex Environments

    1. Recognize the relationship of the individual to human heritage and culture.

    2. Demonstrate an awareness of the relationship of the individual to the biological and physical environment.

    3. Develop an awareness of self as an individual member of a multicultural global community.

  5. Perform cardiopulmonary diagnostic procedures, patient assessment, and Respiratory Care plan.

  6. Administer therapeutic and life support procedures in the management of patients with cardiopulmonary impairment.

  7. Evaluate appropriateness of prescribed Respiratory Care and recommend modifications where needed.

  8. Select, assemble, check correct malfunctions, and assure cleanliness and calibration of Respiratory Care equipment.

  9. Maintain an ethical and effective relationship with the healthcare team.

  10. Perform essential elements of patient educations.

  11. Demonstrate an awareness of organizational and management principles as related to Respiratory Care.

  12. Perform and act on the results of advanced patient assessment techniques.

  13. Assist the physician in special procedures of cardiopulmonary care.

  14. Demonstrate skills and attitudes needed to maintain professional and technical competence.

  15. Demonstrate the ability to think abstractly, reason logically, and apply problem-solving skills in the practice of Respiratory Care.

  16. Recognize the impact of decisive ideas and events in human heritage.

  17. Develop and perform basic search strategies and access information in a variety of formats, print and non-print.

  18. Analyze, summarize, and interpret a variety of reading materials.

  19. Think critically and make connections in learning across the disciplines.

  20. Elaborate upon knowledge to create new thoughts, processes and/or products.

  21. Demonstrate an awareness of ethical considerations in making value choices.