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Respiratory Care

Additional Respiratory Care Program Information

Program Contact

Respiratory Care Office

RPC 3rd Floor, Room 331

(270) 706-8462

Program Director

Rebecca Higdon, MS, RRT-NPS

Director of Clinical Education

Stephanie Brothers, MAE, RRT

RPC 332

(270) 706-8660


Respiratory Care Program Costs

The following information provides approximate costs of the Respiratory Care program.

Tuition, Books, and Fees:

  • $179 per credit hour
  • Mandatory fee $8.00 per credit hour
  • Approx. $800 first semester
  • Approx. $400 second semester
  • Approx. $300 third semester
  • Approx. $300 fourth semester

Uniforms:  $80 (2 pair)

Lab Coat:  $50

Shoes/hose/socks:  $75

Stethoscope:  $50 or higher

Bandage scissors:  $20

Watch (with 2nd hand):  $15 or higher

Immunizations & Titer (Dependent on Prior Vaccines, Titer Results & Site Regulations):  Approximately $200

CastleBranch Compliance Tracker: $40

CPR:  $35.00 or higher {must be American Heart Assoc.)

Liability Insurance:  $11-15 (each semester - this cost is added to tuition bill)

Mock Exams:  $125.00 (Initial fee - does not account for retakes if exams are not passed)

Background Checks/Drug Screening:  $80.00

Clinical Documentation Tool:  $80.00

AARC Early Professional Membership:  $25.00 Yearly (Year 3 = $40 and Year 4 = $60)

Kettering Review or other Exam prep course:  $425

On Line Programs for Board Preparation:  $80 Year Enrollment

Each student must provide own supplies (pens, paper, notebooks, pencils, etc.) and provide own transportation to school and clinical agencies.

Total costs usually run approx...:  $15,560.00