F-1 Admissions Process | ECTC

F-1 Admissions Process

  1. Submit the Application for Admission. It’s free, and it only takes about 15 minutes to complete.

  2. Send your high school transcript or equivalent. This must include a graduation date.

  3. Submit your official university/college transcripts inside and outside of the United States.
    • Official college transcripts from previously attended colleges in the U.S. can usually be ordered at www.studentclearinghouse.org).
    • Students who attended college or university outside of the U.S. must submit an official course-by-course evaluation of their transcripts. Use World Education Services (WES.ORG) or visit www.naces.org for a listing of accepted international transcript evaluation services.
    • If you choose not to have your college credits transferred, you will be required to sign a waiver in the ECTC Admissions Office.
    • Placement assessment scores in accordance with the KCTCS Student Assessment and Placement Policy may be required to verify pre-requisite completion for certain courses.

  4. Provide proof of English proficiency. If English is not your primary language spoken in your home and during all years of your education, submit proof of English proficiency. This will measure your ability to use and understand English in a college setting.

  5. Submit copy of current visa, passport, and I-94 card (if in the United States already)

  6. Submit proof of financial documents and support. $19,450 is required for each year of study, total of $38,900 for 2 years. Complete the Financial Certification Form and attach original bank statements from your personal funds or a sponsor’s accounts to provide verification of immediate access to the first year of tuition and living expenses. The support necessary for subsequent years of study at ECTC must be reasonably attainable and documented through any of these sources: bank statements, employment letters, tax returns, investments, etc.  Employment/salary letters and investments are the most reliable sources of support.

  7. Placement test scores. Placement assessment scores in accordance with the KCTCS Student Assessment and Placement Policy is required unless proof of English and Math at a college level is provided.

  8. Pay tuition and fees by deadline.  F1 students are required to pay tuition and fees in full by the "Deadline to pay tuition and fees" listed on the Academic Calendar.  F1 students are not permitted to set up a payment plan.


Submit all documents by email to mindi.davis@kctcs.edu or mail them to:
Elizabethtown Community and Technical College
International Student Office, Attn: Mindi Davis
600 College Street Road
Elizabethtown, KY  42701

Contact DSO:
Mindi Davis
270-706-8472 or Toll Free (877) 246-2322 Ext. 68472