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Costs and Financial Verification of F-1 Students

Before international students are formally admitted, they must provide verification of immediate access to one year of tuition and living expenses. The support necessary for subsequent years of study at ECTC must be reasonably attainable and documented through any of these documents: bank statements, employment letters, tax returns, investments, etc.  Applicants do this by submitting a Financial Verification Form and the bank statement (or other financial documents) in English and U.S. Dollars from the individuals or groups who are paying their expenses.

A student's tuition rate depends on his or her residency status. Typically, students with an F-1 visa pay out-of-state tuition unless they attended and graduated from a secondary school in Kentucky.

Out-of-State Students

Category Out-of-State Cost In-State Cost
Estimated Direct Costs    
Tuition $6,000 $4,465
Fees $192  $192 
Estimated Indirect Costs    
Books/Supplies/Medical Insurance (required) $1,228  $1,228 
Living Expenses (Food & Housing) $8,540  $8,540 
Personal Expenses $980  $980 
Transportation $2,510  $2,510 
Total $19,450 $17,914 

*Tuition rates are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, visit the Tuition and Costs page.

**This is a low estimate of your expenses for one academic year. We recommend that you provide financial verification exceeding the amount to secure your visa. 


Planning to begin your education in the United States is an exciting time. It is incredibly important to ensure that you make plans to be financially stable during your stay in the U.S., so that you can focus fully on your studies. Since F-1 students are not eligible to work, unless they find on-campus employment of no more than 20 hours, it is important to verify your funds before leaving your home country. There are many things that you need to consider when planning financially for your studies at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College. 

When applying to ECTC, the International Student Services Office requires a Financial Verification Form and original bank statement(s) from either the student and/or student sponsor to demonstrate financial ability to fund an education in the US. The amount required for financial verification is listed in the above chart. This amount is an estimation of what basic education and living expenses would cost for each year of study at ECTC. This does not mean ECTC will charge the student that amount upon arriving in the United States.

Dependents - If students intend to bring their families with them to the United States, they must submit proof of an additional $4,000 for a spouse, and $2,000 for each child. Spouses and children must each complete an I-20 Form in order to obtain an F-2 visa to accompany F-1 students. - ECTC does not provide any support for dependents. It is solely the students responsibility to find accommodations for dependents.


Submit all documents by email to or mail them to:
Elizabethtown Community and Technical College
International Student Office, Attn: Mindi Davis
600 College Street Road
Elizabethtown, KY  42701

Contact DSO:
Mindi Davis 
270-706-8472 or Toll Free (877) 246-2322 Ext. 68472