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Our Philosophy of Teaching Mathematics

As a direct consequence of our commitment to teaching mathematics to all people, we are proud to be part of an open-door institution, and hope to make a solid contribution to its success. As in the teaching of any subject, the teaching of mathematics should be done in a professional, enthusiastic, and organized manner in order to reach as many students as possible. A mathematics teacher has to be aware of the varied academic backgrounds of the students and try to teach at a level from which all students can benefit. Even though many students are hesitant to seek help on a one-on-one basis, the instructor should establish a good rapport with the students so that effective learning can take place in the classroom. A math instructor must first use a language that students understand and gradually help them feel more comfortable with the language of mathematics. We must also be motivators, as most students are not self-directed in such a task. We hope to have sparked a flame of appreciation and curiosity about this wonderful language of mathematics, a flame that will never go out. The ultimate goal that we have for our students is that they develop into independent, confident learners.

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