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May 13, 2022 - BOD Minutes

ECTC Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College
ECTC Main Campus - James S. Owen, Room 112
Friday, May 13, 2022, 9:30 a.m. EST


Attendees Status Attended
Mr. Stan Routt Board Chair Yes
Ms. Kim Huston Board Vice Chair Yes
Mr. Howard Williams Board Secretary Yes
Mr. Mike Phillips Board Member Yes
Mr. Andy Games Board Member Yes
Mr. Tom Claycomb Board Member Yes
Mr. Isaiah Dever Board Student Representative No
Ms. Diane Owsley Board Faculty Representative Yes
Ms. Judy Akers Board Staff Representative Yes
Dr. Juston C. Pate, President/CEO Ex-Offico Yes
Ms. Emily Allen, Recorder Assistant Secretary to the Board Yes


Chair Stan Routt called the regular board meeting to order at 9:38 a.m. EST.


Welcome, Introductions, and Announcements

  • Chair Routt welcomed everyone and commended ECTC on the beautiful graduation ceremony held Monday, May 9, in front of the James S. Owen building.
  • Chair Routt introduced two new board members, Mr. Andy Games and Mr. Tom Claycomb.

Approval of Minutes

  • MOTION: Mr. Andy Games made the motion to approve the February 11, 2022 minutes as presented and Mr. Howard Williams seconded the motion.
  • VOTE: The minutes were approved by unanimous consent.

Old Business

COVID-19 Update:
  • Dr. Pate informed board members of our current COVID-19 protocols and the state of COVID-19 on campus. Currently, masks are no longer required on campus and maintenance and operations are continuing to take extra cleaning measures to prevent spread of the virus.
  • Board members agreed to remove COVID-19 update from the agenda. Any updates will be included in the President’s report.

New Business

Election of Officers:
  • A motion was made by Mr. Howard Williams and seconded by Mr. Mike Phillips to re-elect Stan Routt as Chair, Kim Huston as Vice-Chair, Howard Williams as Secretary, and Emily Allen as Assistant Secretary. Motion carried.
Strategic Plan:
  • Ms. Sarah Edwards presented the proposed Strategic Plan to the board members.
  • The Strategic Plan committee met in August 2021 to set up an action plan to determine goals. The mission statement, vision statement and values were evaluated.
  • Three surveys were distributed to faculty, staff, and students in order to gain feedback on the Strategic Plan’s goals and outcomes.
  • The new Strategic Plan’s goals, outcomes, mission, vision and values statements were reviewed and approved by College Council and Cabinet members.
  • Ms. Sarah Edwards shared the old vs. the new mission, vision, and values statements with the board members.
  • The proposed new goals and outcomes were shared with board members.
  • A motion was made by Mr. Howard Williams and seconded by Mr. Mike Phillips to approve the Strategic Plan as presented. Motion carried.
  • A motion was made by Ms. Kim Huston and seconded by Mr. Mike Phillips to approve the Mission Statement as presented. Motion carried.
  • The new Mission Statement will be presented to the Board of Regents in June 2022 for final approval.
Budget Approval:

Mr. Joe Mattingly shared the proposed fiscal year 2022-2023 budget with all board members.

  • As a recap, ECTC’s budget remained flat in 2022, with a carry-over from FY 2021. Tuition revenue was reduced by 10%.
  • Fiscal year 2023 budget plans include a salary increase for employees, the KCTCS Board of Regents has not yet decided what the raise will be.
  • Tuition price will increase from $179 to $182 per credit hour.
  • Dual credit tuition rate percentage will change from 40% to 50%.
  • ECTC is looking at an increase in adjunct pay rate. It will depend on amount of employee pay raise, as we may have no surplus funds after that increase.
  • We will decrease revenue budgets in FY 2023 by $225,000.
  • Our total revenues come to $67,014,400. Our total expenses come to $67,014,400.
  • A motion was made by Mr. Mike Phillips and seconded by Mr. Andy Games to approve the proposed fiscal year 2023 budget as presented. Motion carried.


Provost/CAO Report:

Interim Provost/CAO, Darrin Powell, shared his report with the board:

  • To begin, Mr. Powell shared information from Mr. Mike Hazzard, Dean of Workforce Solutions.
  • We have 9 CDL classes with a total of 43 students.
  • Mr. Powell gave an update on our 8-week schedule. Looking at spring semesters, our success rate for spring 2022 was higher in all areas (Arts & Humanities, Biological Sciences, Occupational Technical, Physical Sciences, and Social Behavioral) compared to spring 2021.
  • Our overall success rate, currently 76.1, is the highest it has been since 2019.
  • We are in the process of consolidating our tutoring services into one center. At this time, we are in the planning stages and will begin moving offices over the summer. This center will have an intake person who will be responsible for assessing the needs of each student and will direct each student to the person who will be able to help with each specific area of need.
  • We have made gains in our nurse aide department and are running classes at our Springfield and Leitchfield campuses.
  • We have a new nursing director and several new nursing faculty members have been hired. Our student retention rates in the nursing program have increased and our fall 2022 class is anticipated to be the largest class we have ever had.

Chief Finance and Facilities Officer Report:

Mr. Brent Holsclaw, Chief Finance and Facilities Officer, shared his report with the board:


  • Dr. Pate will share a facilities update during his report.

Institutional Advancement Report:

Ms. Megan Stith shared her report with the board:

  • We have resumed in-person Senior Days enrollment events.
  • We have had 72 recruitment events and 48 campus tours have been held to date.
  • Virtual tours will launch this summer.
  • Dual Credit (DC to degree) scholarships will be available to students beginning fall 2022. This scholarship is open to students who achieved college credit at ECTC while in high school in an effort to keep those students locally.
  • Advancement has continued to focus on digital advertising campaigns.
  • Video spotlights have been created to raise awareness of student experiences and potential career paths.
  • We now have two Social Media Ambassadors focusing on student engagement and retention.
  • Our Profiles of Excellence and celebration of Lifetime Achievement Award winners and Distinguished Alumni were celebrated virtually this spring.
  • Our media hits are up 27% compared to last year.
  • We have developed training for grant leads and directors, coordinated implementation teams, and are using a new grant management platform.
  • Grants data from July 1, 2021 – May 5, 2022:
    • $4.2 M awarded
    • $10.4 M applied, pending review
    • $5.7 M in progress
    • $1.3 M applied, not funded
    • 75% award rate
  • We announced and celebrated our ECTC Foundation launch on May 12, 2022. Our Foundation board is composed of 27 members. Our Foundation website is

Human Resources Report:

Ms. Whitney Taylor shared her report with the board:

  • For FY21-22, we have filled 47 positions:
    • 29 Female
    • 18 Male
    • 1 Hispanic
    • 1 Asian
    • 41 Caucasian
    • 4 African American, 12.8% minority hiring
    • 10 Internal Promotions
  • This summer we will continue to provide staff the opportunity to flex their schedule in order to work a four-day work week.
  • ECTC was voted as one of the Best Places to work for 2022; this year our satisfaction rate was 86%.
  • During 2022 we have had a 10% turnover rate; retirements make up approximately one third of the turnover rate at 36%.
  • Common reasons for voluntary turnover include better job/pay opportunities, moving to a new location, and work flexibility.

President/CEO Report:

Dr. Juston Pate shared his report with the board:

  • To begin, Dr. Pate announced that Dr. Dale Buckles will take on a new role at ECTC as our Professional/Personnel Development Officer and Ombudsman to the college. Dr. Buckles will begin this new role when a new Chief Student Affairs Officer has been selected.
  • We have received funding to renovate the Occupational Technical Building.
  • We have also received funding for asset preservation projects; ECTC will be responsible for matching 13%.
  • Dr. Pate shared some highlights from his Year-End report, a comprehensive compilation of advancements made in all areas of the college:
    • Prior to Dr. Pate’s presidency at ECTC, the college had not requested a new program, diploma, degree, or certificate in 10 years. Since 2017 ECTC has added several new diplomas, certificates, and degrees in various programs.
    • From 2012–2017 the college lost money each year. Since 2018, the college has had a fund balance of at least 1.2 M or higher.
    • Dr. Pate shared before and after photos of the JSO renovation.
    • Dr. Pate shared photos of the new exterior signage.
    • Prior to 2017 our Workforce Solutions program was ranked in the bottom third for the state. Today, our Workforce Solutions is ranked as one of the top two programs in the state.
President/CEO Evaluation:
  • Prior to the board meeting, Chair Routt distributed an evaluation form for Dr. Pate’s performance during the 2021-22 academic year to all board members. Board members returned their completed evaluation form to Chair Routt prior to the May 13, 2022 board meeting.
  • Chair Routt summarized all responses for each category Dr. Pate was evaluated on including institutional leadership/management, educational leadership/internal relations, external relations, and College Board relations.
  • In summary, Dr. Pate exceeded all expectations for each category evaluated.
  • Board members identified important contributions Dr. Pate made that has enabled the college to move forward over the past year and some of the highlights include:
    • Staff retention and cohesive team building in the face of budgetary/environmental health/student adversity.
    • Strong, direct, in-depth, and consistent engagement with industry, state government, legislature, FORD/Blue Oval SK project leads.
    • Strategic vision and planning in place, active staff engagement, and ability to clearly communicate across all internal and external groups.
    • Secured key funding for both major state level business projects and ECTC on campus needs.
    • Implementation of the 8-week term and expanding options for student success.
  • The board identified issues or concerns for Dr. Pate to focus on during the 2022-23 academic year and these include:
    • Student growth and retention
    • Staff retention and empowerment/engagement
    • Continue championing infrastructure needs that enhance quality learning
    • Continue strength of networking/coordination/relationship with industry and community leads
    • Continue to explore ways to encourage enrollment
    • More effort bringing student/faculty/staff back to campus
  • A motion was made and seconded to approve the board summary of Dr. Pate’s evaluation; motion carried.


A motion was made by Mr. Howard Williams and seconded by Ms. Kim Huston to adjourn the meeting, motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 12:25 a.m. EST.


The September 9, 2022 board meeting will be held in-person, the location has yet to be determined.

Minutes respectfully submitted by,

Emily Allen's signature Emily Allen, Recorder Howard Williams' signature Howard Williams, Secretary