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September 9, 2022 - BOD Minutes

ECTC Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College
ECTC Main Campus - Occupational Technical Building, Room 303
Friday, September 9, 2022, 9:30 a.m. EST


Attendees Status Attended
Mr. Stan Routt Board Chair Yes
Ms. Kim Huston Board Vice Chair No
Mr. Howard Williams Board Secretary Yes
Mr. Mike Phillips Board Member No
Mr. Andy Games Board Member Yes
Mr. Tom Claycomb Board Member Yes
Mr. Isaiah Dever Board Student Representative No
Ms. Diane Owsley Board Faculty Representative Yes
Ms. Judy Akers Board Staff Representative Yes
Dr. Juston C. Pate, President/CEO Ex-Offico Yes
Ms. Emily Allen, Recorder Assistant Secretary to the Board Yes


Chair Stan Routt called the regular board meeting to order at 9:32 a.m. EST.


Welcome, Introductions, and Announcements

  • Chair Routt welcomed everyone to the board meeting and commended Culinary Arts on the wonderful brunch prepared for the board members.

Approval of Minutes

  • MOTION: Mr. Howard Williams made the motion to approve the May 13, 2022 minutes as presented and Mr. Tom Claycomb seconded the motion.
  • VOTE: The minutes were approved by unanimous consent.

New Business

Family Scholar House:
  • Ms. Cathe Dykstra met with board members to share the Family Scholar House history, mission, and goals.
  • The Family Scholar House was established in 1995 by nuns.
  • Between 2008‐2018 five residential campuses in Louisville, KY were developed and constructed.
  • In 2020, the Family Scholar House launched the Response Center, 6 days/week with professionals providing wrap-around services.
  • To date in 2022, the FSH has served over 66,716 households across 34 states with 34,638 in Kentucky and has a comprehensive database to track all services and interactions.
  • Family Scholar House serves families, students, apprentices, employer partners, communities, and education partners.
  • The Family Scholar House (FSH) and ECTC began their partnership July 2021.
  • For ECTC, FSH has provided 27 call campaigns of 24,348 outbound calls to:
    • Encourage enrollment and degree completion
    • Assist in FAFSA completion
    • Check in with college student on progress
    • Address issues causing withdrawal or dropout
    • Provide financial assistance for emergency needs
    • Shipped and delivered Chromebooks, diapers, infant formula, supplemental food, and text books
    • CaringWays project - $11,025 invested in 49 students
  • Ms. Lynnette Kennedy is the FSH Regional Outreach Coordinator with an office on ECTC's main campus.
  • The FSH uses a database to aid in making informative decisions:
    • Canvas Database - 238 fields of information
    • Hardin County households served - 4,566
      • Children in these households - 1,484
      • Top needs - housing, transportation, job loss, food insecurity, government benefits, childcare
      • Percentage with housing insecurity - 20%
      • Students served on-site at ECTC June-August - 103
      • Number of services for these students - 323
  • Plans are underway to construct 48 affordable apartments for ECTC students and their children on ECTC's main campus.
  • FSH has requested Home Funds and is applying for low income tax credits. At the earliest, groundbreaking would happen during the summer of 2023 with a ribbon cutting around late 2024/early 2025. The cost of the project is currently estimated to be $12.8 million.
  • Residential participant outcomes: (Louisville campuses)
    • 709 college degrees earned
    • 81% exit to stable jobs
    • 65% continue education
    • 76 FSH children to college
    • 112 new homeowners
  • Anticipated Community benefits:
    • Affordable housing for student parents to support success in education and careers
    • Stability for children
    • Two-generation programming for parents and children
    • Trained employees for community employers
    • Support for apprentices in credential programs at ECTC
    • Collaborations with community partners
    • New homeowners
    • Increased tax base
  • Support for healthcare
    • Many participants choose careers in healthcare
    • New $2.8 million Public Health AmeriCorps Grant
      • 1 year and renewable
      • Placing 200 AmeriCorps in healthcare and healthcare-related positions across Kentucky
      • Placements available for many medical facilities
      • Recruiting ECTC students for P-T positions
  • How to get involved:
    • Connect people and families who have a need to use FSH
    • Share about
    • Support donations drives of diapers, snack bags, and student and family needs
    • Become advocates for partnership with ECTC
    • Come for a tour of an existing campus in Louisville
Board of Directors Role:
  • Ms. Pam Duncan met with the Board of Directors to review each board member's role within the board and to review the current statue that applies specifically to board members.
  • The Board of Directors have five specific statutory roles that are outlined in the document KRS 164.600.
    • The Board of Directors makes a recommendation to the KCTCS President when selecting a new President for their college.
    • Evaluates the CEO of their college annually and provides feedback to the KCTCS President.
    • Approves budget requests for recommendation to KCTCS.
    • Adopts and amends an annual operating budget and submits it to the Board of Regents for approval. This is done during the May Board of Directors meeting.
    • Approves a strategic plan that is developed in coordination with local employers, civic leaders, campus constituents, and other postsecondary institutions in the region and that is consistent with the strategic agenda of the General Assembly.
  • Each board member's biggest role is to advocate for their college within their community.
  • If a board member feels approved plans are not being carried out, the board chair should speak on behalf of the board to the President of the college. If resolution is not found, the board chair may communicate with the KCTCS President.


Chief Finance and Facilities Officer Report:

Mr. Brent Holsclaw, Chief Finance and Facilities Officer, shared his report with the board and provided a handout covering finance, campus safety, and facilities and also shared the ECTC Leitchfield Campus Master Plan and the Springfield Campus Master Plan:

  • ECTC is currently ahead in the fall 2022 enrollment, when compared to fall 2021. Therefore, we are $200,000 ahead of this time last year (a 3% increase) and we have met fall 2022 tuition revenue budget projection.
  • ECTC employees received a 7% raise beginning July 1, 2022.
  • Board members reviewed the Leitchfield and Springfield campus master plans which is a living document that will change over time depending on the needs of the college and communities within our service region.
  • We are planning to construct a stand-alone ECTC training facility in Glendale and will work with Ford and SK Innovations to meet the training needs required.

Chief Student Affairs Officer Report:

Dr. Corina Langford shared her report with the board:

  • Dr. Langford gave board members a brief summary of her background and experience.
  • Dr. Langford reviewed ECTC's mission statement with board members and how Student Affairs works to align with the college mission statement.
  • One goal of Student Affairs is for ECTC to be a student-centered college. We assess what our students need, we prioritize their needs, and we collaborate with others, particularly the Family Scholar House, to meet those needs.
  • Dr. Langford and staff are working to build rapport with students by visiting classrooms, organizing orientation sessions, and by holding events designed to build relationships among other students, faculty and staff.
  • Within Student Affairs, there is active collaboration between admissions, advising, and financial aid.
  • ECTC's recruitment team and Student Affairs team work together to host an Open House every Tuesday evening.
  • We have received and processed more FAFSA applications this year compared to last year.
  • The Financial Aid Office has implemented a new appeal review process that has reduced required review time. This has allowed students to receive appeal results within days compared to weeks, avoiding delays in starting classes and allowing them to make enrollment decisions.

Dean of Workforce Solutions Report:

Mr. Mike Hazzard shared his report with the board:

  • Workforce Solutions delivers programs and services to meet Kentucky's talent pipeline needs including customized training for business and industry.
  • During the 2021-22 academic year Workforce Solutions conducted 260 classes with a total of 2,621 students and 5,372 contact hours.
  • We serve a 10-county service region.
  • KCTCS-TRAINS is a fund designated by the Kentucky General Assembly to help companies willing to invest in workforce development for their employees. With KCTCS-TRAINS, companies may apply individually or as a training network with other companies. Companies that qualify receive funding to assist with the cost of providing workforce training and assessment services to current as well as potential employees. These funds are distributed on a project basis and require the company to pay 25% of the project cost and a 10% administrative fee.
  • Currently, Workforce Solutions has 20 classes scheduled with 195 students and 8 companies.
  • Workforce Solutions concluded two CDL classes thus far this year with a total of 23 students. We are currently waiting on a new trailer to be delivered and a new model year to order a new truck and trailer.

President/CEO Report:

Dr. Juston Pate shared his report with the board:

  • Dr. Pate pointed out that ECTC received an increase of $1.2 million in state appropriations this year which equaled the 7% raise given to employees


A motion was made by Mr. Andy Games and seconded by Mr. Howard Williams to adjourn the meeting, motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 12:22 a.m. EST.


The November 11, 2022 board meeting will be held in-person at the ECTC Leitchfield campus.

Minutes respectfully submitted by,

Emily Allen's signature Emily Allen, Recorder Howard Williams' signature Howard Williams, Secretary